You've got a business to run, people to pay, products to make, stuff to sell, cash flow to manage, problems to solve, nutters to get rid of (or is that just me?)...

Then on top of all that you've got to deal with umpteen social media accounts, websites, search engine gobbledygook, blog articles, and all that stuff about chimps and monkeys. No wonder you feel like assuming a foetal position under your desk to sob quietly in the dark...

Dry your tears and blow your snotty nose - because you're in exactly the right place!

Training and resources - £45 per month.

A marketing resource library packed full of tips and ideas for marketing your business. Every month there is a live webinar. You also get access to my private Facebook group. It's amazing value.

From just £295 per month.

These simple packages are really popular. I keep you on track and focused on your marketing. There are lots of options, so check out the best option for your situation and budget.

A la carte marketing services.

I offer a range of marketing services for people who just want to dip in and out as and when needed. So if you just need some quick help I can help you sort things out.

Learn new marketing skills and grow.

I can train your people how to get the most out of social media and other marketing topics. I've got online and 1-2-1 coaching options if you just have one person to train.

Jackie Harris

I'm Jackie Harris. I help businesses just like yours sort out their marketing.

  • I can help you make sense of it all.

  • Get you organised, save you time, and stop you from wasting money.

  • I'll tell you what you need to do, and show you how to do it.

I can introduce you to new ideas, challenge and revamp existing activities, help you create a marketing & sales strategy and teach you how to make it all happen.