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That's me. Trying to look cool and hip in a coffee shop with a Mac.

That's me. Trying to look cool and hip in a coffee shop with a Mac.

I'm Jackie Harris, founder and owner of Brightspark Marketing. Here's a few things to help you decide if you like the 'cut of my jib'.


I'm a good copywriter, and really good at making complex concepts or ideas easy to understand. I have a light and informal tone that seems to hit the spot. I like B2B clients, and I'm comfortable with techie, industrial, medical and 'sciency' stuff.


Apparently (so people keep telling me), I'm a great person to brainstorm with. I can offer you new ideas you've never thought of, and can help you clarify and develop your own ideas into something tangible.


I'm cheaper than a plumber's call-out rate, and I promise you'll never have to experience a 'bum-crack' situation when in my presence.

A good egg

I'm a decent human being and all round 'good-egg'. People find me easy to work with (actually, I'd say 99% - 'cos there's always one isn't there?)

I'm a geek

As strange as it may seem, I'm a middle-aged geek. I love technology, social media and the whole gamut of digital marketing. Nothing makes my heart sing like finding a new app or cool tool to play with.

I'm a good teacher

Over the past few years, I've been running training sessions on copywriting and social media content. Apparently I'm really good at it (feedback forms don't lie). Who knew? I run group classes and 1-2-1 coaching sessions. You'll love them.

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