This is me, Jackie Harris. On a fairly good day.

This is me, Jackie Harris. On a fairly good day.

A crazy woman with ideas. Let's shake things up a bit...

The world has changed. Marketing has changed. So I've decided to change the way I deliver marketing services.

To keep things simple, I've created three main offerings.

  • Marketing setup & planning.

  • Content development.

  • Marketing training for groups or individuals.

1. Get all your marketing ducks in a row.

You know you need to get serious about marketing, but somehow you just don't get round to it. It's a headache and you wish it would just go away!

Ta Dah! That's where I come in...

I can swoop in, help you put together a practical marketing plan, work out a month by month activity calendar, get you set up on social media and/or email marketing, and teach you some marketing techniques you can do yourself. I also throw in tons of ideas  you won't find in any text book.

Think of me as a set of 'marketing training wheels'

I get you organised and up and running. Then we bid a tearful farewell, and you start your marketing journey without 'training wheels'.

Top up sessions

Some people buy a top up session each month where we review how you're getting on, and set some goals. Others dip and out as they need it.

2. Write better content and never be stuck for ideas again.

This is a biggie. I meet lots of people who suddenly find themselves in charge of the company website, social media and email marketing - but haven't a clue what to write or how.

Again, Ta Dah! I can help with that too...

I run content writing workshops for small groups - right in your office. Up to 10 people works best. I can help you improve your writing and give it some zing. I also have all kinds of top tips and nifty techniques that will guarantee you'll never be short of content ideas again.

Just you?

That's OK. You can either join one of my two-day business writing courses, or you can book some 1-2-1 writing tutoring via my online teaching portal. You get me all to yourself, or you can pull together some chums to join in. And you get a recording of the session to keep.

3. Marketing training for groups and individuals

We're in the digital age, so let's use it. I use a fan-dabby-dozy online teaching and tutoring system that allows us to talk face to face, view split screens, and you get to keep a recording of the session to use whenever you want.

The kind of things we can do here come in all sorts of flavours:

  • Copy clinics - you send me what you've written, I critique it, and then we go through it and I give you ideas and suggestions on how to improve it.
  • General marketing top up sessions - we can talk about specific problems (but I can't sort out your love life), bounce ideas around, or do some serious marketing planning.
  • Writing better content training - Instead of coming to a class, you can take part in my online course.

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