Learn how to let the personality of your business shine through (and sell tons more along the way).

Hello, I'm Jackie Harris. I can help you create amazing content for your marketing.

Hello, I'm Jackie Harris. I can help you create amazing content for your marketing.

A one woman crusade to rid the world of crappy business language and meaningless clichés. A bit like Luke Skywalker on his quest to become a Jedi Knight (except I'm a girl and I'm allergic to Wookiees).

I'm a copywriter and a marketing communications expert. I can teach you amazingly simple techniques that will transform your marketing, sales and business communications forever.

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A massive raspberry to your competitors.

I can teach you how to write better content, and come up with extraordinary ideas for your email campaigns, your blogs, and any situation where you need to communicate with customers.

Any of my workshops or online courses will help you become self-sufficient in your marketing (and give you a good reason to thumb your nose and shout "neh neh ne neh ne" at your competitors).

Dump the clichés and get the right lingo.

Think about it. When everyone uses the same boring old clichés, you make it harder for customers to choose you for any reason other than price.

I can help you discover the tone of voice for your brand and show you and your people how to use it.

You'll wonder why you didn't do it years ago.

Unleash the power of stories to sell more.

You've seen the X-Factor haven't you? (Go on, admit it.) The personal stories of the contestants play a crucial role in the number of votes they get.

Stories help paint a picture in the head of your customer about the experience they'll get from you.

I can show you how to use stories in your sales and marketing. Stories let the world see who you really are (and help you sell more).

Let's cut to the chase. Here's what's on offer.

I'll take care of everything  for you.

Maybe your web copy is looking a bit tired and sorry for itself. Or perhaps you’ve been meaning to revamp your social media biographies for ages, but somehow it’s just not happening.

Writing services include:

  • Web, email and other digital content.
  • Articles, press releases, and other editorial stuff.
  • Case studies, e-books, white papers etc.
  • Proposals and presentations.
  • Scripts for voice overs, and speeches.

A little bit of hand holding.

Sometimes when you've written something, you need a critical eye to give constructive feedback and offer suggestions for improvement.

Give my 'Copy Clinic' a whirl.

I offer 'copy clinic' sessions where you send me what you've written, I'll review it, and get back to you with constructive feedback, then we have a session on Skype to run through it all.

Very quickly you'll find that your writing skills will improve and develop.

I can teach you to do it yourself.

If I say so myself, I'm a good teacher. I run in-house and online workshops on:

  • Digital marketing
  • Copywriting
  • Creating social media content
  • Storytelling in marketing
  • Marketing planning for beginners

I'm an Accredited Training Centre with Open Awards, which means I've been checked out to within an inch of my life and have to meet very high standards.


Feel the love!

Jackie is extremely knowledgeable about writing and marketing. She is an excellent trainer, communicating effectively, reading her audience well and listening attentively to requests and responses. She modifies her session to take into account the needs of the delegates on the day. I highly recommend attending her training.
— Suzanne Johnson
Jackie’s courses are brilliant. I leave with so much food for thought, giving me new ideas about how to portray myself and my business in ways I’d not previously thought about. Informative, friendly and fun, but never daunting. Thoroughly recommend.
— Lorna Shelbourn
I went into the workshop not quite knowing what to expect, and left bursting with ideas. It’s the best marketing workshop I’ve ever been on.
— Martin Sutherland
I find Jackie’s approach refreshing and easy to understand, I always come away motivated to get things done.
— Clare Hill