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When you need help getting your message out there, I'm here for you.

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Be honest. How many clichés, jargon phrases, and meaningless generalisations have you used in your marketing efforts lately?

Do you think your business stands out, or does it just blend into the sameness of everyone else in your market sector?

Maybe your website content could do with a serious facelift. Or you're struggling to come up with new ideas for your blogs, social accounts or email marketing.

Or maybe you want to get some grown up and serious things done like: white papers, case studies, ebooks etc.


Ta Dah! I'm just what you need.

Download my guide to working with Brightspark Marketing

Download my guide to working with Brightspark Marketing


I can help you get all your content sorted out.

That could be web text, blog content, ideas for social media, case studies, white papers, articles - well the list is endless.

Never be stuck for a fabulous idea ever again.

I can help you get it all organised, and make sure you're never stuck for a fabulous idea ever again.


Ok, here's the deal. To keep things simple, you've got three options. I can write stuff for you, I can teach you how to do it yourself, or I coach, critique and tidy up what you create.

1. I just take care it all for you.

2. I teach you how to do it yourself.

3. A safety net to keep you on track.

I specialise in making complex things simple and easy to read.

I'm also the person you come to when you've been up all night sobbing while staring at a blank screen and listening to the menacing tick-tock of a clock moving perilously close to your deadline.

Surely your talents can be put to better use?

Not everyone's cut out to be a writer, so why torture yourself? Stick to what you're really good at, and leave the rest to me.

Cure your content headaches by clicking that cute little button below...

I promise you'll never be stuck for content ideas ever again.

This is a biggie. I meet lots of people who suddenly find themselves in charge of the company website, social media and email marketing - but haven't a clue what to write or how.

Get your content bursting with personality.

I run content writing workshops for small groups - right in your office, or via my 'fan-dabby-dozy' online teaching system.

Learn mind-boggling techniques you won't find in any text book...

I know that marketing can sometimes seem like a high wire act.

I can teach you new techniques, show you where things are going wrong and help you revitalise the way you create content forever. I offer a 1-2-1 coaching service that will make a dramatic difference to your content quickly.

Copy clinic sessions are a great way to get an objective point of view.

You write some text, and I work with you to show you ways to improve it. It's simple, it works and you will see your writing transform.